Inquisitor - Martyr: Content Patch v0.3.0


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. 

It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them)

Please also note that the backend server might take up to 30 minutes to transfer to the newest update, during which time login will not be possible.


Two teams fight for control over a set of Victory Locations. Each captured location slowly accumulates Victory Points for the team that controls it. The team that reaches 100 Victory Points first, wins. Slain players respawn at the team starting location after a few seconds.

  • PvP mode is accessible with the PvP button at the bottom action bar
  • 2v2 and 4v4 queues available
  • Matchmaking system

Please note that this is a very early iteration of the PvP system and we will continously update the server/netcode throughout the following couple days. Players may see maintenance messages when this happens.


  • New: Crafting Tech Tree - unlock various useful improvements to become a more effective crafter!
  • Crafting Panel revamp: The entire Crafting panel received numerous improvements to become more effective - crafted items are now placed in a queue, for example.


  • The Assassin has two new 2-handed weapons available.
  • New soundtrack variations for the Starmap and for battle
  • New monster videos on the mission selection screen
  • Numerous bug fixes
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Content Patch v0.3.0
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2 years 4 days ago
Posted by Lemordet 2 years 4 days ago

When will the game stop runing like shit?

To repeat what has already been said  - Optimisation comes at the end of an alpha, not the start. It's inefficient spending time optimising something that's still being constructed as any work you do will become redundant with each patch. Ergo at the end of development you will see the majority of performance improvements. Although hat's off to the devs it's running a lot smoother than it previously was thanks to their pipeline changes.

I'd suggest checking the minimum settings as well as for GPU issues (like it not using your GPU) within NVIDIA control panel as most of us who run fairly rigs within the requirements are running it quite smoothly. Otherwise you might want to avoid testing phases of games if performance is something you are expecting. 

2 years 8 days ago

After testing the patch for about 3 hours (and beating ixxolus in the first pvp game :P) I am quite fond of this patch. I have to get deeper into the techtree tho

2 years 7 days ago
Posted by PhoenixDBlack 2 years 8 days ago

After testing the patch for about 3 hours (and beating ixxolus in the first pvp game :P) I am quite fond of this patch. I have to get deeper into the techtree tho

Kudos to you on the first ever PvP win fellow Inquisitor. 

Although i did put up a valiant fight but in the end focusing on killing you and Megapull and not capping the control points lost me the match haha.

Looking forward to our rematch in the near future, get them skill points spent an ready :D

2 years 8 days ago

This is great! Thanks for that update! Testing asap

2 years 8 days ago

Is there a recommended Level for PVP?

2 years 8 days ago

Kudos to the team for this one, only managed 1 PvP match so far but so much fun.

The new music is pretty decent and i like the new UI sounds, the new crafting skill tree looks to be an awesome way to customise crafting loving this so far. Much more to test so i'll get back to it.

Coop and PvP mission queues seem to be slightly buggy but i'm sure you are working on ironing it all out for us to enjoy.

2 years 7 days ago

Great patch again, the new tech tree and crafting options look quite promising, and the Assassin 2H melee options are fun.

I have encountered a few bugs since the patch some small some big,  I have logged them in Mantis under version 0.2.3 as it is currently the highest available version on the reporting tool drop down.

Still trying to get a PVP match working but from the sounds from others that have it seems enjoyable, the game is growing nicely, looking more and more to the full release :)

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2 years 4 days ago

When will the game stop runing like shit?