PvP Feedback V1 - (add your own)


Due to the difficulty in getting games with a small playerbase its even more important we take the time to talk about our experiences. This will not only help to improve the feature but will also save the devs time from balancing all the various bits and bobs. Please add your own thoughts in the responses :D !!!

My experiences / Feedback thus far.

Thus far the lack of diminishing returns seems to hurt the combat a little. In particular against weapons that are really anti sup like the arc blades. CC chains are very easy to achieve. However against regular weapons it's not "too much" of an issue. I'd also make the argument that enemies need the same diminishing returns, stun locking a dread with an auto pistol is a little bit... hmmm

The assassin bubble of "stop everything for 10 seconds" is so damn strong.. in PvE and in PvP... it's just full potato in PvP unless you have a leap to get out of it, then its completely useless. Not only is it a get out of jail free card, but you can also stick it on an enemy and get a free kill or go cap a free objective. But completely useless against inquisitors with a leap.. i'd consider a slight change to duration for both pve / pvp or reducing the slow % against players. Keep the % the same in PvE.

Assassin stealth can be done almost during combat at times, maybe 1-2 seconds after being shot which I feel is a really cool feature but perhaps needs a longer cooldown otherwise it is more or less a free escape for mplayer as you literally dissapear instantly. Might get a little "too" frustrating for players focused on killing but if they are low health then I guess they need to go retreat anyway or hide in cover. But.. you can capture pounts while in stelath. LOL

Assassin dodge needs to be punished somehow, it's so easy to kite a melee build around even when they have lots of leaps etc. Mostly its more difficult for a crusader who just will never catch you if you are using the dodge button. I think after 3 consecutive uses there needs to be an internal cooldown trigger, like other games of D3 for eg where you have enough stamina for 1-2 qucik uses then you have to wait 5-10 seconds. That'll be hard though consdiering it uses adrenaline, simply upping the cost might be awkward.

Using the needle rifle the damage was generally a little udnerwheliming even with a 100% damage build and full glass cannon. Killing almost any enemy was near impossible as they were able to just walk away from me and dhsrug off my mild annoyance. Conversely my ally with a shotgun was killing everythign and doing somethign like 4x the damage I was able to put out.

The void shield is penetrated by some weapons which is nice, however given how hard it is to kill someone it feels too strong. Where a grenade only does 1/10th of someone's health, the shield gives them 100% more health which seems far too strong for a single grenade item use. Would consider at least 1/2ing the amount for PvP only.. wouldn't change this otherwise for PvE as the item is well balanced there. or perhaps reduce the armor value of the shield so it takes more damage from players?

I like the map design in that having the buffs where they are means that whoever dies comes back with an advantage in the fight which is a really nice feature. However it does feel like most of the attention is on the outside of the map with the middle being quite a "deadzone" (only played 2v2) Perhaps a small buff in the middle would be something that would help gravitate players towards this. However it could easily make it more of a snowball issue so perhaps not

Also having 2 objectives is nice but it means that if a team has the lead by 5 points for eg... then they only need to hold 1 point for the rest of the timer in order to win.. There is not any opportunity for them to be "out flanked" or "out maneuveured" which is a drawback of the current layout.  Meaning tactics aren't very varied. Having one pillar in the middle to guard as well, might mean that players can over extend on guarding one and end up loosing 2 others... However this might also feel like the players are spread too thinly. The map size might also need to be adjusted for these changes. Alternativly just adding somethign to the middle that dishes out the occasional bonus points might be an interesting addition. 

Overall impression though - already better than D3 pvp so an amazing start. But ofc balance needs some major work.

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PvP Feedback V1 - (add your own)
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6 years 342 days ago

Having now played with full damage exitus build I can say the damage is more acceptable and enemies are now killable (vs the needler) this might be due to the penetration of the weapon however. My expectation is that anything without penetration is basically not viable for pvp at present although I could be wrong. Simply put they lack too much damage

I'd suggest gathering more data but from what i've seen the melta gun also performs well in pvp. Again my assumption si due to the ignoring of armor. Although damage seems to need a flat % increase accross the board, you may find in doing so that pen weapons still have a huge huge huge gap between them and fleshbane weapons

Also in agreement that some more cover would be a nice feature.

It was also very clear that the bonus regen when close to death the crusader had was far too great to overcome with damage (presumably this is within a skill tree) otherwise the combat vs him was fairly fun. Again I feel healing as a whole is too great for PvP and would rather see this globally reduced rather than damage dramatically increased. That way combat stays fairly lengthy however players don't feel their opponents are unkillable. Just my personal tastes however

I also experienced rather painfully a melee crusader try to chase an assassin for the first time, which was quite hilarious - suggestion for the evening though is have a comparison between pen and non pen weapons to compare. I suspect that the pen weapons are fairly well balanced for what you would use them for. This is one issue of the current class systems, players may take 2x fleshbane weapons into a game and simply be redundant because they can't damage a crusader, yes that's down to poor planning i guess.. but something that will miff many

It might be worth giving all weapons a slight increase in pen, hidden. 10% say. Or reducing slightly the 50% pen for some items which might in effect be too strong. Simply adding 10% damage to all will only exacerbate the fact that you need pen for killing inquisitors anything without is is crap.

TLDR - Go into PvP built to take down tanks and you might just kill something xD - take a fleshbane weapon and ur going to have a bad time.