Inquisitor Main Story


Is this for real........Not even 8h of Gameplay and im through the whole Mainquest ???

Im sorry but this release is the by far...worst release of the past years.

Graphic Bugs...i can really ignore

Some Lags..or Crashes...ok...

But this is an Hack&Slay online Title...and you got Story for 5 Chapters and 3 Sidemissions of undived Chaos at Release?

I really hope Games Workshop has the power to stop this just born Abomination of a Game...

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Inquisitor Main Story
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5 years 355 days ago
its 5 chapters...with a hell of a more choices to become more radical or puritan...thats a bit low....didnt rush...always played on a constant yellow....60-90p over my rating....we have same sector as in alpha and beta status...
5 years 355 days ago
Hmmmm.... dont know, but do u really read everythin not only click away all hints and cancel the dialogs, also changed the difficulty to a proper lvl?

Hear such things every time a game launched... pepople rusching through stroy on easy and asking why there is so less content.

8h? So lets look to Diablo2... guess i can complete the whole campainge (incl. addon) in less than 6 h...

For me: playing WH40k:IM now for about more than 20h... at the moment at Chapter3

5 years 355 days ago
They sit on 2 expansions you'll get for free in the future. Right now it seems like we have the first bits bites.