Inquisitor Gromov's weird observations when fighting the Archenemy


1. On an outdoor map, when one of those nurgle-looking chests spawns on the small ledges, you can't open it for some reason. Also, sometimes mobs are able to shoot through the ledge.

2. When on a mission to silence the guns, sometimes a decimator spawns inside the gun, which makes him untargetable and you can kill it only with AOE

3. When you kill mobs, they occasionally stand still as if they are alive. 

4. On a couple of occasions instead of full squad of enemies I encountered a meager one or two heretics.

5. On one assassination mission my designated targets were relatively close to each other and I could finish while exploring only 2/3rds of the map

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Inquisitor Gromov's weird observations when fighting the Archenemy
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7 years 110 days ago
Thank you for the report! Noted!
7 years 110 days ago
1. Can you provide a screenshot with the minimap open the next time this happens? Thanks!

2-4 - will get fixed, thanks!

5 - They spawn at random.

7 years 109 days ago
6. If you operate a stationary gun and you get attacked in melee, you cannot E out of the gun.
7 years 109 days ago

Not the ideal screenshot, but should work as an  illustration. Blue arrow - a dead commander, who is still standing upright, but you said this is known bug. Red arrow - mob which is shooting towards the inquisitor (green arrow). You can notice the trajectory straight through the ledge. This sometimes happens in much more extreme cases too, with the pc and the mob being on the exact opposites of the ledge. Also, if a chest spawns on such ledge, it is often unopenable.

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7 years 108 days ago

This rock has no collision

And this is the chest spawn location in question