Inoculator loadout changes automatically between missions


edit: trying to tag a dev/community manager as this now impacts my seasonal character as well.

Hi Neocore,

PSN: Heruva
Platform: PS5
Game Version: PS4
In-game Character: Assault Crusader 'Crusher |.:':.|'

My apologies if this has been posted before, but a search didn't come up with anything related I could find.
Also, I've been away from the game for a while so maybe some mechanics changed that I'm unaware of but the behaviour of the Inoculator I'm experiencing now, seems odd and this has only recently happened for the first time.

Bug description:

I noticed a strange behaviour when using the Inoculator during a Void Crusade mission.
When checking it out, I noticed that the loadout is not how I set it to be.
After further investigation, it seems the Inoculator loadout changes by itself between missions.

Here is a screenshot of my incolulator loadout during a mission.

Below is a screenshot immediately after that mission when returning to base (literally 2 minutes after the previous screenshot).
That same equipped Inoculator now has a different loadout. The green one is gone and 1 orange one is gone while they're replaced by extra red ones.
This behaviour makes it extremely difficult as I need healing as well as the added damage from stimm but sometimes I get only yellows or greens

It seems the attributes (luckily) don't change and stay as they were.

Unequipping and re-equipping the Inoculator does not seem to stop this behaviour.
I invested quite some resources into getting a specific setup (however that's not the biggest issue here).
Because of the randomness every mission, this is fast becoming quite frustrating as I don't know if my charges will have any use for me or not during the next mission.

Any ideas anyone?
Am I missing something very obvious here? If so, my apologies but I'd appreciate it to be enlightened.
It might be that my tech algorhythms are tainted by chaos from slaying too many heretics.

@devs: I know you're busy with the DLC and the new season.
If at all possible, I would greatly appreciate if you could look into this though or confirm this is somehow behaviour as expected.

On a sidenote:
After finishing the season of the warp and having played this game a lot, I took a break but I'm back for more.
I'm thoroughly enjoying it and really feels great to be playing again.

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Inoculator loadout changes automatically between missions
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358 days ago

Hello, thank you for the report, I'll let the dev team know about it :) Sorry for the inconvenience.

361 days ago
Inoculator components are STILL chanching randomly after missions!

I'm playing the Ultimate Edition on Xbox Series X.

Gamertag: I haGrOck I

Character: Briareos

Finally fix this bug please!!

1 year 115 days ago
Same problem happening to me. Too scared to turn off the game for fear it'll change.
1 year 123 days ago

thanks again!

1 year 124 days ago
The issue was fixed in the internal build. The next-in-line console patches will address this problem in the live version.
1 year 125 days ago
Happens to me too. Very annoying when the random pick didn't include hp regen... Got me killed many times and makes some missions nearly impossible when bad luck hits... Please fix this. PS5 version on PS5. PSN same as here, seasonal character. Thanks. 
1 year 126 days ago
I forwarded the information you shared here along with the video. Thank you!

I presume it being stable is only temporary as it could not just work without a relevant update. Please keep me updated about your experience in this regard.

Thanks again!

1 year 126 days ago
Just an update..

It seems stable on my seasonal character now.

No more component changes or slot colour changes.

Not sure why.

1 year 131 days ago


I'm sorry to come back to this, but the same thing is now happening to my seasonal character.
The inoculator slots as well as the components keep changing so I end up in a mission without boosters or without health regen.

This is hampering my progress, but also grinding the heroic deeds (as there's one for using a booster component 250 times).

Any chance this can be looked into?

1 year 147 days ago

I don't seem to have the option to edit my previous post, therefore a new reply

I have not recorded the below steps and feedback but I can if needed.

The behavior is different now I have performed the following steps:

  • I unequipped the Inoculator.
  • Quit the game.
  • Started new session.
  • The unequipped Inoculator did not change the loadout

Thought: this only happens on the equipped Inoculator then?

Next steps: 

  • I went to manually change the inoculator at the npc.
  • I noticed that the slots had wrong components in them. I.e.: a yellow component in a green slot or a red component in a yellow slot.
  • Changed the loadout to match the colors: 2 stimms for the yellow slots, 1 coagulant for the red slot and 1 purifier for the green slot.
  • retested by starting a mission > loadout did not change
  • quit the mission > loadout did not change
  • quit game and started new session: loadout did not change

BUT: I notice that the component slots STILL change COLORS when quitting/restarting game or starting/quitting missions and therefore don't have the correct component types slotted.
Well, if this means my loadout is at least stable, even though the component slots still change their type, I'm happy for now.

I'll test later to see if my loadout does stay the same.
Still something to look into I think because a single stimm conponent shouldn't be able to give 40% boost and the component types shouldn't change. There might be others with the same issue too. 

1 year 147 days ago

To provide extra feedback, I've uploaded a recording to youtube.

(My apologies for the typo in the video title... lol)

What happens here:

  • I start the game, and there's a random component loadout in my Inoculator
  • I quit the game, start a new session and that same Inoculator now has a different random loadout
  • I go to the mission screen and the loadout does not change
  • I enter a mission, during the mission, the Inoculator has again a different loadout
  • I quit the mission and at base, the Inoculator yet again has a different loadout.

Starting the game and entering/finishing or exiting missions seems to trigger this.


Notice also how the Stimm component gives 20% one time, and 30% another time.

You can see this in the movie as I hover over the components.
I've also noticed 40% yesterday..

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