Inoculator. I need an Explanation


Can some1 please explain to me how Inoculators actually works? I thought I actually did know, but at times I´m very uncertain if I actually do.

An Inoculator is supposed to work when you are pressing the assigned button, when you do need it to work. That is the realistic case of it, but that is not always the actual case. Many times I am pressing the assigned button MULTIPLE times, but the Inoculator is absolutely NOT working at all. How come?

And no, this is not because of some Cooldown that needs to be done, no. It may very well be my very first use of the Inoculator in the Mission I´m doing.

An Inoculator is having (as you know), X number of times it can be used before it has to be recharged.

Well, in my case this is not the case sometimes. In most Missions, I have just the exact number of uses, I´m supposed to have, but in others I am only having 1 single use, before I have to recharge it again, to have any uses at all.

Is it, in some cases the negatives that you may get when using Tarots, that kicks in or is it not? And no, of course I´m not always reading the negatives that may occur. Most people doesn´t bother about that. We are interested in getting into the action.

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Inoculator. I need an Explanation
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1 day ago
Well, it could be as you say Wolfi, during some circumstances. But then again, i ask meself if it is or could be, since I have always used my Mouse & Keyboard. And I have always used this Combination. And I know for sure in many circumstances I am NOT pressing the wrong button.

Anyway. I have also sometimes thought of getting meself a Programmable Mouse to play this game with instead. But I need to know exact what kind of Mouses works and is approved for use with this game. And other games of course.

This also because I know that some of the Programmable Mouses on the Market can in fact be bad, in the way it can be confused with cheating in the game. There is some kind of thing with some Mouses.

I know that some of these Programmable Mouses can be in interference with games like, for instance, Path of Exile. Why some of these Mouses are like this, I do not know.

1 day ago

Hi Wolfilein.

This is actually not something restricted to Inquisitor, it's an artifact of the way most modern keyboards are manufactured, called "Key Jamming" or "Key Ghosting" (also try this description). It's a result of using less circuitry to detect keypresses and keep costs down.

The bad news is that there's not a good, generic way to avoid this short of buying a more expensive keyboard designed with rollover. If you or the OP has trouble with key jamming, my best advice would be to try to keybind more things to modifier keys like Shift or Control. Or try to figure out which 3-key combinations are safe to use and keybind around those.

Or, you know, try to press less keys. ;-)

1 day ago
Maybe its related to the amount of "buttons pressed". Ever since i switched to controll movement with keyboard i keep running into this issue. When i press 2 keys to move, use one key to activate a skill and then use jet another key(for inoculator or for minimap) the last keypress dont seem to register. Somtimes my char keeps moving even when i release all keys. Seems like the game cannot handle more than a certain amount of inputs at the same time.

When in an intense fight i tend to press more keys (kind of panic mode ^^) and in that situations i sometimes die because the inoculator wont heal or my ranged sniper char moves straight into a mob of melee-enemys.(the "movement bug" disapears as soon as i press the coresponding movement key again)

2 days ago
Played many and many a Mission more, and I can say for sure there is something that is just not correct.

On soo many occasions I can confirm that the Healing button for Inoculator use is absolutely not working, when you needs it the most.

But I wonder why and what is doing it. Can Suppression Level and Low Health in some kind of certain state cause your Inoculator not to work as intended? And WHEN you want to use it? Can Warp Heat cause it?

I don´t know. But when in the thickest of trouble and right in the middle of the thickest of mobs, I press to Heal and it is not working as intended. What is it that causes it? I wish to know.

And no, it is not this negative on some Missions that does it, that gives Inoculator use is not possible to do in this Mission.

I wouldn´t even bother to mention it now, if that were the case. But I can say for certain it is NOT. It happens too many times for it to be like that. ANd I have checked MANY Missions for the Negatives you may get.

I find it very odd, and there have to be a reason for happening.

7 days ago
I actually thought that it was the case as first explained, but I have now purged many, many more Missions, but even though I thought that WAS the answer to it, it was not the case. I am still having issues at some Missions pressing the Healing button and it won´t work, straight up. Yes, even on Missions where there is no Tarot card of that kind present.

Please note that it does worl, but not at the exact spot where I WANT it to. I need to in some cases walk a bit away from the Mobs, until it may work.

Anyone else had this kind of thing? Ever?

8 days ago
Posted by Alavaria 8 days ago
Yes, among the possible Tarot penalties are things like:

-50% Innoculator charges

Innoculator use disabled

F(%#. That sucks, you know. That explains some of it. But, yeah. Sucks.
8 days ago
Yes, among the possible Tarot penalties are things like:

-50% Innoculator charges

Innoculator use disabled