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Hi guys, 

So far I'm really enjoying the game. However, some items just feel way more powerful than others. 

For example, I crafted an eviscerator with insanely lucky rolls (from my viewpoint) on the enhancement.
It had extra dmg stacked on the cone skill in all 3 slots so yeah, I thought I was going to have a very good attack there. 

However, turned out that my rare eviserator felt a lot less impactful than my master crafted greatsword. This felt very strange. 

Also, is it just my or do big weapons look kind of on the smallish side? 

I don't want my greatsword to be, you know, the size of a highway lighting pole, but the current sizes for things like greatsword, lightning hammer etc. seems just a bit off. 

Same with the animations for close combat, they feel very short and cramped. Would love something more in this style.

Lastly, trying out the plasma pistol seem to be a bit under-powered. 

Just my two cents. :) I might be entirely wrong and I'm sure someone can educate me if that's the case ;) 

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Initial Thoughts
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7 years 48 days ago

Don't worry too much on the weapon balancing, I think that is something which iwll come under "fine tuning" as of yet the alpha has really been about getting game features working and irning out problems. Balance etc will come with time, but it's good to take note of ones that are weak or op for sure. 

new animations are being added for combat next patch, we will have to wait and see if they please you :) - kind of agree with some of the sizings, they are a little bit weeny in some cases. 

7 years 48 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Yeah, perhaps starting with a CC character er perhaps also a bit optimistic.. Btw, facing 2 x plague marines with rocket launchers is a nightmare.. Oh I got knocked down, ok I'll just get up and.. Oh I got knocked down again... Ok, I'll just try to blind them with a flash grenade but oh... I'm knocked down again .. -__-'' haven't figured out how to take out those yet..