I accidentally deleted my character



I accidentally deleted my character.

I play on playstation4.

Do you can help me?

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I accidentally deleted my character
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1 year 51 days ago

The revive option is not yet available on console, this will come with the Season patch.

@KURDT81‍ please send an email to [email protected] and we will assist you in the issue.

1 year 54 days ago

there is an option to revive last deleted char on pc is that not the case with consoles? I think it was a button with gravestone icon on the lower right. it appears after you select switch character.

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1 year 54 days ago
I almost did the same thing the other day putting a analog extender on my ps4 controller I would of shat myself if I deleted my level 83 crusader.
1 year 54 days ago
Lol. That kinda sucks. Indeed. Lol. Happened me too a couple of times in other games.

You should write them an email, and give them your Gamertag/Accountname and Charactername at [email protected]

I don´t know, but maybe they can help you out. GL.