Emperors Wrath trophy cannot be done!


Hi this Emperors Wrath trophy is unobtainable. There is absolutely no way to possibly beat a mission 10 levels higher let alone 10 of them. Am I missing something? Is there an easier way? I can find no help on this mission anywhere, and I thought Sony had stopped allowing very long and/or unobtainable trophies since the PS3 as they were taking all of the fun out of trophy hunting and gaming. Whats really strange is that you get a bronze trophy for completing a single priority assignment on impossible difficulty, but that you also get a bronze trophy for completing 10 investigations on the much harder eye of terror difficulty! Unless I'm mistaken and there is an easier way or trick around this.

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Emperors Wrath trophy cannot be done!
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42 minutes ago

I agree !

Yesterday, I changed the template of my crusader  in build melee (deflect 70%) following the advice of the players and I tested in +10 mission mode.....  I resist better, I go further without dying, but the result is the same. I would like to see a video of a level 50-70 doing this mission and in version 2.0, because the only videos that we see on youtube (as https://youtu.be/XN2qyp9UEik) where the guys say that it is feasible, they are between level 90-100, they were able to put their points not only for the defense, but also to fill the trees for the attack, it's not negligible.

If the developers want to keep this difficulty, ok, but it should then also change the trophy from bronze to gold because it's insane compared to those who obtained it before the patch, the trophy fell automatically just by doing the missions in story mode.

In any case, there is no pleasure or challenge in achieving this trophy. And yet I did all the other trophies (DLC and Prophecy included).

17 hours ago

also check grenade cruisader build


20 hours ago

Ok :)

Thanks for the links Rigg, I need to find a good build for my crusader melee and change my template. I think I have to increase my defense, it's my big weakness. 

21 hours ago

it is achievable !

i helped more players to get trophy "10 levels higher". also rebuild your build and read psalm doctrines. many players do mission with damage caused on -99%



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23 hours ago

On PS4, I tried in story mode, I also tried with priority missions, with resistance bonus and damage ... I am level 72 with excellent equipment, I manage to survive on non-Elite adversaries (by dying in a loop depending on the number). But as soon as there is an elite or boss, it's the end .....

I understand that there is a challenge in achieving a trophy and that it takes a long time to get some, but not at the expense of the pleasure of playing. This revision 2.0 is clearly ridiculous. I don't see the pleasure of spending 3 hours on a mission while dying in a loop. Especially compared to the previous version of this trophy which was probably too easy. 

3 days ago

You're right, we drasticly changed this achievement difficulty to make it more challanging. Anyway it is still easy to achive due there are no death limits in the Investigation missions.

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4 days ago

Perhaps it is not "technically" unachievable - as I'm sure there are some absolutely boss players out there.

However, it seems that it is in absolutely NO WAY COMPARABLE to the Original requirement on the trophy. Originally this trophy was ranked as unmissable because completing one mission with a Power Rating of 500 was achieved easily during the story mode.

If this trophy's requirements are now to finish 10 Eye of Terror Missions by myself then I question the logic behind this change; especially amidst such a seemingly small player base.

If I'm simply misunderstanding the requirements please let me know.

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4 days ago

try the perk martyrium. gives you 10% damage boost and 5% damage resistance per death

 in story mission you don't have a lmits of deaths.

alternative try missions with vehicle  (tanks or knights)

5 days ago

Our testers haven't found the trophy to be unachievable but we will have a second look on this and will check the statistics as well!

5 days ago

I was mistaken earlier - I honestly never changed the Difficulty on Story "Investigations" and then I saw the Touchpad Logo for Difficulty (as opposed to my usual use for Tarot).

DEVS - Is this a mistake? Did you mean to put these requirements on this trophy? 

You changed it from a very easily completed trophy (finished during normal progression) to expecting someone to be able to complete TEN - EYE OF TERROR Difficulty Missions solo (as there is ZERO player base on PS4).


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11 days ago
Actually on a second look - this says INVESTIGATIONS - not Priority Missions.

Investigations are the main story missions. So I believe you just have to toggle the switch to the higher Difficulty on 10 Story Missions - which is easily done.

11 days ago

I hadn't noticed that yet...but you're right. The trophy used to be regarded as "Unmissable" as it would unlock from natural story progression.

The trophy used to be:   "Complete a mission at Power Rating 500 or higher."

This updated trophy requirement of 10 Investigations on the Hardest Difficulty is absurd and in no way is it comparable to the original requirement.