HP Gauge not "full", while at max HP


If i use several Deflector Shields, my HP Gauge 'empties' and shows the HP wrong. I can (given enough mobs) force to show the HP gauge at like 20%, even while i am at full hp. Like you see on the picture (at ~50% HP).

Charname: Arax / ACC: Urlan

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HP Gauge not "full", while at max HP
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4 years 285 days ago

Then the blue bar should overlap the red, or just display numbers. This way i just dont know how much hp i have. If it's designed that way, it's bad design. And if you look at the smaller picture you can see that i have 4818/4866 hp with zero shield (0/0) and the gauge is still at like 30 or 40%

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4 years 285 days ago
The display is simply what your total health/shield value is. It's correct to see what you got in the picture as ~4900 hp and 4500 shield come out to ~50/50. The top blue portion (Your total shield capacity) is nearly depleted (1600/4500) thus partially empty. You will deplete shield before health thus when your shield is empty, your effectively at 50% 'health'. It's not a bug, simply another take on depicting your characters overall remaining health.