How to Start an Local Coop Game on the PS4


Hi. the Title explains the problem ^^

Is this Possible ?

Thx for Answers

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How to Start an Local Coop Game on the PS4
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5 years 251 days ago
You can play couch coop where a character can be created which will be scaled to the original character's rank.

You can also search for friends and invite them into party.
As another option you can use the terminal on the Command bridge to play coop with others as well.

5 years 253 days ago

Does somebody have a video to share of how to play CO-OP Mode?

5 years 266 days ago

After you reached the Command Bridge, there is the Local Coop panel right to the StarMap cogitator. 

5 years 266 days ago
I have the same problem i didn't understand, is it possible to play this game together(2players) on one PS4, on one screen??? Can anyone answer please?!
5 years 267 days ago

If you have ps plus yes. Two different accounts must use friends invite/coop term. Local coop is only 2 players on the same account (ghost/couch coop). Also need 2 Playstations and screens.

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5 years 268 days ago
And then i create a second char for my Wife and we ale able to play together ?
5 years 268 days ago
Hello. You'll unlock the co-op and the multiplayer consoles on your ship through the campaign (chapter 2 if i'm not mistaken).