How Playable?


Hi all, So I've just found out that i can purchase a Founding Pack and get playing with the Alpha of Inquisitor Martyr but my question is how playable is this Alpha?

I have purchased and tested Alpha's in the past and many of those we're not enjoyable and were not fixed for many months.

Also if i was to buy this right now my wife will more than likely divorce me (lol) is it worth it atm?

Many Thanks

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How Playable?
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7 years 102 days ago
First true Alpha, and if they were all like this, I would do it more often.

Yes, there are bugs, some are rather persistent, but at the same time, the game is quite playable now. Is there going to be a ton of changes? Oh yes, but they are all very welcome. Each week (or close to it) we are given a new patch, and here shortly we will have the first major content patch (refer to the roadmap.)

While I have not put nearly as much time into this game as others (Steam tracker has me at just shy of 11 hours) I am actually doing this intentionally, as Devs have stated there will be full wipes. Last thing I want to do is get super attached to my Inquisitor and then have it stripped away. Speaking of Devs - this crew is more than willing to listen to our thoughts, and also offer insight of their own. Of course that is the point of an alpha, but I have heard horror stories of Devs going quiet suddenly. I do not see that happening with Neocore.

Is the game worth it? If you like ARPGs like Diablo, and want a fresh take on the genre, yes it is worth it. Even at $40 where you pretty much get alpha access and the game is well worth it. If you decide to get more, go you.

Bottom line: This game is going to be spectacular, why not be part of shaping it into a great game?

7 years 102 days ago
Its a very enjoyable Alpha and the devs provide updates and bug fixes quite often, all depends on what you expect from an early alpha, Its far from finished but what is there is very playable and imo well worth the money have a look at the roadmap for updates to get an idea on what will be added and check out some videos.

I am enjoying the alpha more than I enjoy many ' full release' games so for me It has been more than worth it already and it has only been a couple weeks.

7 years 102 days ago
To me it was totally worth it. 

To be honest yes it is very much an alpha with placeholders and bugs here and there.
It is rough at the edges and light on actual content.


This is the most stable and enjoyable alpha i have played in years. ( And I have bought a lot of alphas haha )
Already have i put dozens of hours in this game because even in this young rough stage it is very enjoyable and even though the loot system is raw and not polished .. it is fun.  You keep hunting for more loot!

On top of that the animations and feel of this game is smack on.  If you enjoy the warhammer universe you will recognize a lot of enemies and weapons and interior.

Patches come in about once a week and the devs are very open about everything and in my opinion they patch most all of the bugs we can find in the next patch.  On top of that most major patches have new content and new ways to enjoy the game.

For some people the game runs slow but i have not that many problems with it and have not crashed once since two patches ago.

So is it worth it? Yes IF you are knowing what you buy!
You buy into a game very early in development, to hunt bugs, test balance and help with design choices and overall feeling of them.
If you can live with that then again fully yes.

Hope this helps a bit!