[PC] Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.8.0b | July 6


Patch v2.8.0b

Fixed Bugs 

  • Fixed an issue regarding open Maledictive Void Crusades and the Maledictive Void Crusade rotation
  • Fixed the 'Eradicative Protocol' passive in the AoE skilltree
  • Fixed the missing seasonal icon on the Social panel
  • Fixed an issue where the Compendium Button did not work on the Seasonal Welcome Window


  • Smouldering Monster Explosion: Initial damage reduced by 30%, DoT maximum damage reduced by 20%
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[PC] Hotfix for Inquisitor - v2.8.0b | July 6
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1 year 12 days ago
For clarity sake: it is not cursed void crusades.

They are called maledicted void crusades.