High level weapon skills have unique colored icons


Every now and again, I pick up a relic that has all the normal skills as a lower quality item, but some of the skill icons / tiles are not the normal orange / yellow. What are they trying to say by that? I miss game manuals that explained little details like this. The Wiki just doesn't know what I'm asking when I search it. 

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High level weapon skills have unique colored icons
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250 days ago

We manually boosted all the Archeotech weapon skills so you won't find a straightforward pattern. 

Here is a changelog where we listed the changes: "Archeotech tier weapons"

Assassin: https://neocoregames.com/en/community/hub/content-update-for-inquisitor-season-of-the-warp-surge-december-9

This is for the Assassin but I cannot find the changes for the Crusader suddenly. If I find it I will update my comment.

253 days ago

So the relic autogun vs the archeotech autogun. Skills are highlighted green on the archeotech

Skill: Full Auto

Relic                                  Archeotech

-Salvo                                - Salvo

-Fleshbane                       - Fleshbane

-weak vs armour             - Weak vs armour

-High Suppresion            - High suppression

-Single Target                  - Single Target

-115dmg 143 dps           -115 dmg 229 dps

-Cooldown: 0.8                - Cooldown: 0.5

-8 degree spread             -No spread

Skill: Aimed Shot

Relic                                   Archeotech

-Aimed                               -Aimed

-Knockback                       -Knockback

-Better crits                       -Better crits

-Single target                    -Single target

-840 dmg 187 DPS          -High suppression

-Cooldown: 4.5                 -955 dmg 318 dps

                                            -Cooldown: 3

Full auto gets a dps increase from the reduced CD, and the no spread means more hits from farther away.

Aimed shot gets a dmg increase(like 10% or so) and a dps increase from CD(30% or so)

I also compared two archeotec relic(red) autoguns, and it seems the values are the same. So the increases seem to be flat, not a percent range or random like other values are rolled.

P.S. I feel special and loved because Marcopolocs liked my comment.

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253 days ago

I am not 100% sure on that. I will give you some numbers in a bit when I log in and compare. Ill use a Autogun as an example.

About the coloring, Im not sure. There doesnt seem to be a clear relation between the color and the skills/bonus. 

Maybe Marcopolocs can chime in on that one.

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254 days ago
Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. Is it a flat improvement or is it more like a 5-10% roll, for example?

Also, is there any documentation that highlights how to interpret the colored tiles? Is it pink for CDR and green for increased damage, for example?

255 days ago
Archeotec Relic (Red Items) have a chance of rolling improved versions of skills, these are the ones you see with different icons, glowing border or different color. 

The improvements range from reduced CD, extra dmg, an added modifier like armor piercing or breaking, and others, you can compare the skill to a normal relic items skill to see the difference.