Hero of the Imperium + Hunter of Hunters


I've completed my playthrough of the content considered to be "Season 1" and I'm only at 20% on boss kills. I know I've killed at least 2, maybe 3 bosses but only have 20% towards the "Hunter of Hunters" achievement/trophy. 

I'm also sitting stuck at 68% towards 5000 Fate Points. This counter has not moved in some time and I'm continuously earning fate points. Is something bugged with the "Hero of the Imperium" achievement/trophy?

Playing on Xbox One.

XBL Gamertag: StumblesMcGee

Character: Markham

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Hero of the Imperium + Hunter of Hunters
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1 year 214 days ago
As we checked the trophy and the Heroic deed counts well. Please run some more missions and get back to us. We will check on it once again!
1 year 215 days ago

I'm referring to fate points earned from missions specifically. I'm sitting around 1400 fate points presently and have spent anywhere from 1000-1500 on tarot missions. Based on that alone, I'm looking at 2900 fate points. 

68% of 5000 is 3400. The 2900 in question above was all earned after my counter stopped. 

2900 + 3400 = 6300

I don't typically sell relic items given their drop infrequency during my time playing the game. 

Would starting a second character reset the progress counter on this achievement/trophy?

1 year 216 days ago

please note that by selling Relic items which give Fate points won't fill the achievement. Only by playing missions will you be able to get the trophy eventually.
Please check on the Warzone Nemesis battles since they should count for the Hunter of Hunters!