help! network error


Hi everyone, i bought Van helsing Final Cut yesterday on Steam but i got a Network Error as i tried to log in. I read on the news that there were some issues that apparently have been solved as the post from the 14th march says, but i am still unable to play the game (as i don't wanna start it without multiplayer functions).

Would i be able to use my character online as well if i start playing in offline mode?

Hope anybody can help me understand if it is a network issue or i am missing anything. Thanks for your assistance :)

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help! network error
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7 years 107 days ago

Still no answer from Neocore support. I can see a lack of professionality since i am definitely not the only one reporting this issue, so it should be in your interest as well to make sure you keep your customers, but i am not here to lecture you guys on customer service; just really disappointed by the lack of attention you pay to enquiries like this one.

7 years 116 days ago
Valkyrie Neocore

As i still can't manage to login i wrote a mail to the address you gave me with my username as you suggested. Hopefully they will be able to help  sorting this issue out. :)

7 years 115 days ago

same issue for me and my friend. Impossible to login.  we just bought the game and we can't begin to play together. we're in 1.1.0. 

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7 years 115 days ago
Please send your account details (and your login problem) to [email protected]
7 years 113 days ago

Sent the email 3 days ago but Neocore didn't get in touch with me yet, and still dealing with network error. How long would it normally take to get answered or any assistance? I don't wanna make any pressure, just trying to figure out how the support centre works

7 years 120 days ago

The upcoming 1.1.0 patch will contain the fix, but until feel free to send a mail to [email protected] containing your username.

7 years 73 days ago

Same issue