Help me to link the new DLC with my game on Steam


Hello everyone,I just ask your help for this issue,I bought Martyr on Steam and I really enjoy it.

Then I decided from this site to purchase the Mind Plague DLC as well,my Neocore account is linked with my Steam one too.

I use the same email for both.

Now when I go in game the DLC shows as not purchased,and I even lack the coins for buying it.

I have the receipt of the DLC,can you please help me and explain to me how do I activated it?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Help me to link the new DLC with my game on Steam
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4 years 132 days ago
At first thank you for your prompt reply,but I found out that I didn't add the code that you sent me to put in the Steam,after I added the code the DLC worked perfectly!

Thank you again,problem solved.

4 years 132 days ago

we will check on this matter and I will get back to you here as soon as possible!