Heavy Flamers and Cover


Was reading earlier about your thoughts on covers and i wanted to join in with my 2 cents.

How about when you fire on a cover with a Heavy flamer, the cover takes the brunt of the damage, while it continues to do damage behind it, but at 50% (degree to be determined later) effectiveness? That way the player have to chosse to move around the cover to deal full damage or fire through it and still maintain some effectivenss. 

I reckon this can also apply to some other weapons, thinking mostly of the meltagun-family and their channeled attacks.

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Heavy Flamers and Cover
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6 years 313 days ago

Well. Look at it like this. You're in cover and nowhere to go. Flames left and right. Slowly melting your cover. Knowing you'll get burned to a crisp.

6 years 313 days ago

Yeah good idea.

But how about flamers deal double damage to cover and radiate suppresion damage. Wich makes more sense.

Because the flames cant pass through solid cover.

6 years 313 days ago
Good idea, adding this to our feedback section!