Increasing customization (edited)


Dear Dev’s

I’m loving the game so far but there is a small thing that bugs.

Why go for the standard loot/stat system? A system that nearly all ARPG’s got.

Warhammer 40k got such a rich lore about customization.

Every Inquisitor got his own signature gear.


This is what I think would be a great addition and would tremendously increase customization.

Create 4 distinguished main tabs with 2 sub tabs each.

Those main tabs could be Weapon, Armour, backpack and Utility.

The sub tabs could be as followed.

Weapon: Modifications (mods) & Weapon prowess (passive skilltree)

Armour: Armouring (mods) & *Skill name* (defensive/offensive CD with an active skilltree)

(takes the grenade slot but keeps the charges. Example of defensive CD. A temporary shield. Offensive CD. Melta grenade)

Backpack: Servo arms, Jet pack, Cloaking device,.. (Offensive/defensive/support CD ,Keeps the active cooldown slot. Features a large skill tree that allowes skill customization.)

(turret example. 3 paths: Offensive/durabilty/Support. Support could trigger a shield that activates on critical HP)

Utility: Incubator (healing potion) & Implants (mods)

Example Weapon

Modifications would show a detail view of the weapon with several customizable mod slots.

Quality and tier of the mods would determine the damage output and benefits.

Barrel, magazine, trigger, grips, utility ,Blessed seals (Iconic Warhammer 40k addition), etc…

For example:

Long Barrel MKI (common): 10% increase range / 1% reduce rate of fire

Long barrel MKI (relic): 22% range increase / 4% reduced rate of fire

Long Barrel MKIII (common): 42% increase range / 9% reduce rate of fire

Long barrel MKIII (relic): 54% range increase / 12% reduced rate of fire

Weapon Prowess could be a passive progression tree that unlocks buffs and procs for the weapon.

Examples of a buff: increased rate of firing / reload speed / damage / …

Buffs could be gained by flat kill counts.

Example of a proc: Double Tap (Chance to trigger abilities twice) / armour piercing / Dots

Procs could be unlocked through achievements .

This could  apply to all above mentoined tabs.


For example. An autogun drops. It has 5 mods. One of the mods is a relic that you could use for your favoured bolter. Salvaging gives you the option to keep one mod and dismantle the rest with a chance of getting a mod pattern. Salvaging and crafting would gain a larger roll in getting the items you need or want.

The progression would be tied to the character while the account experience stays untouched.

The account experience looks more like a means to represent the power of your personal inquisition.

Greetz, Aegirson

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Increasing customization (edited)
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