Grimdark discussion and War-fest small announce


Apologies for lack of thumbnail, youtube hates me today but I don't want to delay the video :D

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Grimdark discussion and War-fest small announce
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7 years 57 days ago

Yeah, some of you guys who are newer to the alpha need to keep in mind, as Airsick said, that we are only testing a small amount of the final product at this relax. Hell, I have stopped playing myself for the time being, until new stuff to chew on comes out.

Grimdark, yeah I think its want it a little darker, fine, not a big deal to me.

100% Purge: If you don't like to have to kill everything on the map, then avoid those missions. Many of the others, you can easily finish them w/o killing everything.

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7 years 57 days ago

I touched on this in my own thread, but definitely the game needs to be more grimdark. At least in most areas. There's nothing wrong with having other type of titles, but it's not warhammer 40k if it's not mostly grim and dark.

"We aren't front line soldiers so why do we have to go in and exterminate all xenos/heretics?"

I don't agree. Some inqusitors took front line positions quite often. Especially versus heretics. Not to mention the whole exterminatus business.

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7 years 58 days ago

Well at the moment the Devs have said it's only 1-2% of a game, so I don't think anyone is expecting the current content to last 100's of hours. There aren't any of the major gameplay features implimented yet like bosses, progression, proper crafting, cabal missions, campaigns, vehicles and seasons. 

Re the map - Agree - In the words of the immortal Nelly furtardo - Turn down the light!

Kind of agree with the 100% purge thing too, i'd be happy with 80% - But then players could just skip mobs they find too hard, making the difficulty a bit broken.

Trying to relate our purpose in mission to an actual inquisitors daily chores is dangerous territory. It's like any james bond flim, in reality any MI5 agent will be sat behind a desk doing paper work 99% of the time but who wants to watch a film about that? - In an inquisitors daily life it would likely be interrogation - execution - investigation and then hiring a squad to do the ground work. Not really something easily adaptable to a game. So instead of being "average" we are the exception who is hands on and kick ass - our very own 40k james bond.

7 years 58 days ago

I hadn't really considered it, but the space station map is to brightly lit.

Also, one my main gripes with it, apart from the aesthetic, is that you pretty much have to explore all of it, and it requires a lot of backtracking. I can understand the "destroy all enemies" mentality, but at the same time (without knowing much about Warhammer 40k lore) we aren't space marines. We aren't front line soldiers so why do we have to go in and exterminate all xenos/heretics? Isn't that somebody else job? If all we had to do was eliminate high value targets and then the location gets sweeped by space marines/ imperial guard that would make much more sense.

To be honest, as it stands right now, I don't see the game pulling me in for hundreds of hours.