Grav-gun Damage Type?


While running around on my crusader with the Grav-gun is say it does Physical (Kinetic) type damage but generate heat as it ammo source instead of a physical bullets... So the gravity weapon types gain benefits from both Heat & Physical tech trees or is the weapon meant to be a heat base like is ammo source type?

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Grav-gun Damage Type?
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4 years 224 days ago

You're mixing up two different things there... "Heat" and "Overheating" isn't the same; for example, a Flamer or Pyrokinetic Staff do Heat Damage, while Grav and LasGuns overheat through prolongued use.

There is one singular skill in the heat tree that affects overheating, the rest is only for heat damage, i.e. it would work for Lasguns, but not really for Grav Guns.

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