Extraction missions need urgent fixing


Yeah, so I am not sure why you considered it a good idea for the extraction missions VIP to attempt to fight the enemy, instead of following you a room distance apart. 

The follower AI is horrible, and makes tarot extraction missions a certain failure. That is even with ranged VIPs like the psykers.

I just had one with a melee ogrin VIP. What were you thinking knowing your AI? There are literally no way to save it as it charges face first into a swarm of enemies, despite me being a melee crusader trying to tank for it. Sorry AI is a wrong word, there is no intelligence there. Complete disregard for own safety or even a basic attempt not to sit in massive aoe and dot effects. You literally used the same script enemy creep has, with basic modifications. 

Either make the VIP revivable within a time limit, or make it like the campaign mission with the tech priest, where it does not even attempt to fight. 

The current state is horrific, I am not sure how this can pass even basic QA. 

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Extraction missions need urgent fixing
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