Graphical Glitch/Bug [PC] Version 2.2.1


Using a XBOX controller for windows. Patch Ver- 2.2.1

Has no effect if you use either mouse or controller.

When you go into the 'Extras' Section on the bridge, if you then go to the Cosmetics tab then Helmets section, when you switch between different helmets your character 'flickers' with very bad graphic corruption - before sorting itself out - each time you select a different helmet.  As far as I can tell this effects every character, but is probably better to test using the same type, which in my case is a Crusader.

To reproduce this bug.

1. Use a Crusader with the armour that has the missile launcher on its back.

2. Go to the Extras (from the bridge), then the Cosmetics tab.

3. Select the Helmets tab.

4. Select different helmets - move around each one, each time you do your Crusader glitches badly, or in some cases does not appear at all.

Its quite a nasty glitch which ruins the overall presentation and could really use a fix.  I've changed graphics cards and drivers since the new 'Extras' menu was introduced a few patches ago, and to be honest it was there then as well.  I've only just reported it. Many Thanks.

System Spec.

Windows 10. 64Bit

32 Gig Ram

Nvidia GTX 1080ti Driver - 441.87 WHQL

i7 6700k CPU

edit: Added more information.

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Graphical Glitch/Bug [PC] Version 2.2.1
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2 years 304 days ago
Thanks for reporting this issue as well, our testers are already on the matter!