Freezes and freezes games (


I play on average video settings.

After 30 - 40 minutes, the game begins to freeze.

GPU graphics card loaded at 99%.

Computer configuration:

Intel core i7 - 6700

video - nvidia gtx 1070 8gb

memory - 16GB

display - 2560 x 1440, 144 hertz

How to optimize settings so that this does not happen?

How to run the game in DirectX 11???

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Freezes and freezes games (
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236 days ago

Textures - Downgraded to Low

graphics card - cold)))

absolutely not optimized game for PC !!! (((

Thanks for the help!!

237 days ago
We would recommend you to disable the Temporal AA as well as the Frame Blending and High Shaders in the Video settings. These can substantially improve the general performance in certain cases.