Genestealer Cults (+ 3d model)


playing in the Inquisitor Martyr, I realized that the genestealer cult is that race that simply must be in this game, all the models and their rules and lore are perfect for this game, it's strange that this race has not yet been announced, and with this idea I decided to draw my own purestrain genestealer, I warn that the model is not too successful, besides it's not finished, this have not tile textures and sub-surface scattering mask, so I just trained to work with Substance Painter

    Genestialer low poly
    by Teliri
    on Sketchfab

of course it is not technologically suitable for import into the game, different technologies, too many poligons and it do not have a bones and animations, although it could be finished)

It would be cool to see all the races and all the enemies in the game, but do not you think that the genestealer cults should appear there a bit earler? 

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Genestealer Cults (+ 3d model)
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6 years 177 days ago

Cracking job! 

In truth I expect Nids weren't top of the list becuase they aren't inquisitors #1 prey. But more likely because animating them would probably be far more complex than starting with humanoids :D there's been comment from the staff though that they "hope" to include all 40k Races - So here's looking forward to that!

6 years 177 days ago
Airsick Hydra

not all tyranids, i'm about genestealer cults, that appears before the tyranid hive arrives, its really one of the inquisitorial first targets 

game workshops genestealer cult miniatures

6 years 177 days ago

Oh yeah good point! I was just visualising trying to animate a genestealer or Hive tyrant xD too many pointy bits and legs if you ask me. My personal hope is for Orcs soon, not comedy orcs but something big green and angry!

6 years 176 days ago

Genestealers are a VERY dangerous foe. They regularly tear Terminator armored Space Marines apart.

If the devs did add such to the game, they would not be a low level enemy. Genestealer cults might be high end raids. I can see needing more than one Inquisitor or at least lots of Astra Militarium backup to take one of those down. Heck, they have been known to topple entire systems although that might have been more from incompetence on the part of the Imperial authorities than ability.

That said, I would really like to see bugs that I can fry with a heavy flamer but I also think this would be a major challenge to animate properly. Not at launch, but maybe someday.

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6 years 159 days ago

I'm a fan of genestealer cults and agree they are too perfect for the game.

How amazing would it bbe to be able to visit a normal sector on a hive planet and have to uncover who the cultists were! you'd arrive at the upper levels and some of the high level human NPC's might be cultists, but you'd have to delve into the bowls of the hive first to uncover clues while fighting the xenos! Then return to the upper levels and purge the hidden threat.