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I'm tempted to make a new character and take detailed notes to confirm or disprove this, but it *feels* like the gear curve ramps up rather quickly (didn't take long for blues and greens to drop at all)  but now at lvl 18 I'm essentially farming for scraps of Fate to go on Tarot missions that I *hope* will provide me with the purple gear I need to scrape my way to Attack and Defense 2. This is as far as I've gone so far in the game and I kinda expect a certain amount of grinding for better gear once max lvl, but is it intentional for players to scavenge for all purples just to hit the Attack and Defense 2?

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Gear Curve
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7 years 72 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Oh absolutely! I'm old school in that this doesn't feel like an alpha to me; this is what we *used* to call beta. Nowadays it seems beta is another word for "we ran out of money so please buy a copy so we can iron out the bugs". I don't see that happening here, but the overall level of polish in the game is well above what I would have expected in another age from "alpha". It's entirely likely that the gearing is intentionally set up like this to make testing various bits easier. My feedback was more observation than anything and certainly not meant to be derogatory. 

BTW, nice videos. I approve. +5 points

7 years 72 days ago

Bare in mind that progression and scaling aren't something really properly implimented yet :) I think these will be some of the latter things to get polished. The current milestone is primarily testing the core game features. It's good to keep note of these things though, well spotted.

7 years 72 days ago

Yes, it takes a while, and stats dont matter till you reach your desired level. But you can use the time and try different builds, like HP regen or full offense, so you know what you want for your endgame.

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