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The Enemy Models are awesome and look really nurglish, but one thing that really bothers me are the Equipment Models, they vary greatly from the one I know from the boardgame, especially the iconic Space Marine Power Armor.  I hope it would be possible to stick more to the original Equipment Models for the final game :).

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Equipment Models
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5 years 306 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Nope. Not Space Marines. No Black Carapace or any other Gene Seed.

5 years 306 days ago

Worth remembering that space marines essentially wear a uniform. Inquisitors are free and by lore often wear gear that suits their individual needs and personna. Gotta remember they aren't space marines.

5 years 306 days ago

Alright, i agree :), but Power Armor is still the best Mankind can forge (beside Terminator Armor which is very rare), and should look like it. 

Look at this mighty Coteaz:

5 years 307 days ago

Swineweflue, power armour used by the Inquisition is more likely to be uniquely stylized than the standard suits worn by the average Adeptus Astartes. An example from the Warhammer 40K Wiki: