game stuttering when equiping item (possibly due to absorption)


When I equip the main implant shown in the screenshot below my game seems to gain noticible stutters. with other main implants equiped this does not seem to occur. there also seems to be a sort of very vague blurr around my character, especially when moving (I did not manage to get this to show clearly in a screenshot) the stuttering to get seems worse when multiple enemies are nearby. the +2 toughness gives my crusader the absorption milestone from thoughness. The stuttering happens even without enemies or skill use.

edit: just found a main implant that gives +3 thoughness, the same thing happens with that equiped. I took both of those implants, rerolled the +thoughness on one and everything else on the other. on the one that still has +thoughness the stuttering occurs, on the one withouth it the stuttering does not occur.

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game stuttering when equiping item (possibly due to absorption)
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9 days ago
Borogove's words can be confirmed by me, there is an ongoing issue with the attributes which are affecting the general performance especially if one reaches 25 points on a given Attribute. This issue is in the works already, we will fix it ASAP!
13 days ago
There's some weirdness going on with attributes. They are aware of it, but no fix yet. There's some situation-specific workarounds in the steam thread I linked that might help you avoid the issue you're running into, but your mileage may vary.

Hope this helps!