Game Freezes after a few minutes


So far I haven't been able to finish a single mission, but I like what I see so far.

Basically every time I start playing, after 5 or 10 minutes, the screen freezes but I still here things attacking me in the background. I've tried alt-tabbing to other apps and back again, but the screen is totally frozen. I can't switch to any other windows or even the task manager to force quit. I have to just turn off my PC and reboot.

I started playing in windowed mode, and now that at least lets me switch to task manager to quit now, but it's still freezing up the same way. I can't say for sure but I think it freezes faster in windowed mode.

I have all the newest drivers and windows updates. I'm playing on a fairly new system with an ultrawide monitor, all of my graphics settings are maxed (and the game runs great maxxed out!). Really have no idea what could be causing it though...

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Game Freezes after a few minutes
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6 years 39 days ago
I have the same issue, super bummed but hopein for a fix soon
6 years 38 days ago
Same problem here, the game locks up and I can't get out of the game unless I logout or shutdown. I'm also running an ultrawide monitor. I've tried changing display settings but nothing has made a difference. 
6 years 38 days ago
Yeah they are currently working on fixing the crashing randomly issues.  We will not hear anything until tomorrow though.  Dev's took a day off today lol. 
6 years 38 days ago
I was having the same issue literally a couple minutes in and continually crashing.

I started tweaking the visual settings and so far running windowed at a lower resolution enabled me to actually fully run a mission......downside is it crashed as I completed it, I'm sure they are working to fix the crashing issues.

Its going to be good when I can get in and finally finish a mission as well but so far the game play is fun.
6 years 38 days ago
Yep i am getting the same finished 1 mission fine then whenever i try another it always freezes

6 years 38 days ago
Have same issue, cant do a single mission.