Inquisitor appreciation thread


I really  love the music that plays during the load screen. i wish it would play all throughout the game 

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Inquisitor appreciation thread
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7 years 153 days ago
Indeed the music is great, especially in the long fights i find myself trying to attacking in time to it.

Loving the game thus far also, considering it's only at the Founding Alpha stage i'm already hooked. 

7 years 154 days ago
Thank you for your kind words! Every feedback helps!
7 years 154 days ago
I thought I'd just use this as an opportunity to say that I'm loving the game. It's been out for two days in a seriously early incarnation and I can sit and binge play it for hours. Learning that there's some strategy to the mobs, which to kill first, which to hide from, some great effects like the (shield and sword, forget the name) Discharge ability, really great weight and feeling to it. 

It's also the first ARPG where your skills are dictated by the weapon you're using that I've actually liked, usually I really disliked that mechanism, in Inquisitor I'm having no qualms about it at all.

I know it's early days but keep it up! Going really well.

7 years 155 days ago
I too loved the music.

I love the pacing of the game. It's not rushed, not flashy, not a twitch fest. Many ARPGs are very over the top, super fast, really "busy"  with effects going off everywhere.

Inquisitor is not. It's very appealing to me in a "less is more" kind of way.

I'm really enjoying seeing the tabletop stuff come to life in an ARPG format. I've wanted something like this for a long time and I think the execution really suits my tastes. Quite pleased.