Game crash


Hey first off wanna say love the game so far but I've encountered a problem. I was in the middle of an assassination mission when someone offered coop I accepted. The vote box appeared and I thought I would just be tele to the mission he had selected. But what happened is my toon disappeared and it said I had left the game in the chat box so I waited. Nothing happened I was stuck staring at the room I was fighting in. So I task managed and closed the program now when I open the game it just takes me to the loading but nothing happens. I have even tried uninstall/reinstall from steam pls help.

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Game crash
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7 years 115 days ago
Yes I believe my account is TrayMoney and my character is Bamiel
7 years 115 days ago
Thanks for your report!

Try verifying game integrity via Steam and see if it helps - nevertheless, I'm adding this to our bug report.

Can I get an account name / character name?