Game crash



I was playing with a friend and when he lauched a mission we both had a error message "Server Timed Out" so we had to restart the game since we had no more menu. But now when i launch the game it just keep crashing in the logging in screen so i can't play anymore. I verified the local files and restart steam and i even reinstalled the game but it keeps crashing. The only time it didn't crash i have see a "Connection to the server impossible" message but i've had only see this one time. My friend didn't have any problems when he restarted the game...

Can somebody help me ?

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Game crash
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7 years 94 days ago
Yep need to be fixed or someway to reset defaults so it works again
7 years 95 days ago
I can second that, i even uninstalled the game twice and reinstalled it again (takes for me as long as repair so no problems with that) but it seems like something is broken which only a Patch can fix.
7 years 95 days ago
Yeah same problem here ...
7 years 95 days ago
Same here
7 years 95 days ago
I have the same issue. I was able to play this morning but now when i start the game it keep crushing on the loggin screen.