Game Breaking Exploit


ok so i found quite a big exploit ... my chara is GS-849 ... i removed all my relic gear and put on level 8 gear so i dropped down to GS-330 i then created a tarrot mission with the cards (Traitor/Hourglass/Possession) the game saw me at GS-330 and made the impossible tarrot misson at GS-460 ... i created the mission costing 120 fate points so the mission was registered ... i then went and put all me gear back up to relic GS-849 and started the mission with 3 cabal members ... when the mission started the game was set to GS-460 with us running at GS-849 with + to both dmg done and dmg reduction we managed to finish said tarrot mission in less then 4 minutes due to this and all walked away with relic items

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Game Breaking Exploit
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326 days ago
You are what the Ordo Hereticus could have been. Be proud.
331 days ago
You dirty little rat!!!
332 days ago
Good work Inquisitor we must be vigilant for the heresy of cheating and you did well exposing the heretical exploit
333 days ago
yea sorry .. i coulda kept quite but i think this one is a BIG exploit that needed reporting asap
333 days ago

hahaha I was going to test that myself and voilà, someone not only already did that but also reported it as game breaking bug.... lucky me