PS4 Fusing 4 items doesn't do a thing


Hi. I fused just now 4 items with my relic greatsword. Motive force was only 44% or something, but i did it anyway. It turned out i just wasted 4 relics. The sword didn't change a single parameter. Is that a bug? Or if you don't reach 100% motive force you just waste the relics? In that case WHY YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO THAT???? Otherwise how can i have my relics back and when this bug will be fixed?

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PS4 Fusing 4 items doesn't do a thing
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1 year 130 days ago

you just had low level relics. they give a small increase. high-level relics give more increase.

the most increase gives weapons. implants and seals give little increase.

when you reach 100%, you get 2 additional attributes on the item.

1 year 133 days ago

Oh, that's been really nice of you. I barely understood what's about fusing relics, and i wasn't sure if that occured just because i didn't hit 100% overload. I guess i'm gonna wait patch 2.0 on ps4 before attemptong fusing anything else :) thanks a lot for the prompt response, best customer service i ever experienced!

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1 year 133 days ago

You mean no new achievement has appeared on your sword and the Power rating of the weapon has not been increased either? We will test the feature to check if everything is fine.
In the meantime there a couple of boxes in your inventory, please open them, they contain some relic items. Our apologize for the inconvenience this matter caused!