Full couch Coop in Martyr 2.0 for consoles?


Will be full support for console (PS4/XO) couch coop in story mode of upcoming Inquisitor Martyr: Touch of Omnissiah (patch 2.0) including same progress for supportive players as for main character? Is possible to finish campaign while playing in couch coop progressing and leveling up both (or more) players like in Duablo 3?

...or couch coop will be sonehow limited?

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Full couch Coop in Martyr 2.0 for consoles?
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107 days ago

Add please customization function for second local player at least (the choice of armor and weapons from the inventory of the first player and change some characteristics, perks etc.), like a puppet robots by the Techadept.

116 days ago
There are some obstacles which prevented us from eventually implementing this feature so it won't come to console.
118 days ago
Is that something you are working on or is it just not possible to make the game like that?
207 days ago
Couch coop will be available in the campaign after Patch 2.0 the same way it is now. The supportive player won't have its own progress like the main player.