Freez after 30 min


My game freez ever after 30 minutes. i hear the sound and all but the screen is freezing. after this it come a Error that Programm don't answer and i must close game.... 

i cant end a mission :(

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Freez after 30 min
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7 years 127 days ago
Should be ok after the new update. Be sure to remove launch parameters if you had any.
7 years 128 days ago

Yeah at this point from talking to a bunch of people on the Discord server it looks to be a lot of network issues causing the crashes.  But someone on Discord named Aprosule added settings to their launch parameters in Steam and I also did this and it seemed to help.  I only got crashes from weapon switching and the occasional container destroyed. But I got rid of the 10-15 minutes crashes and was able to complete missions.  Just keep in mind this is all experimental still but it improved my game for now to where I can at least play for more than 10 minutes.

Steam Launch Parameters:

  • Right click on Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr
  • Click Properties>Set Launch Options
  • Add: -single_core -forceservice -high  -LANPLAY -NOTEXTURESTREAMING
  • You also need to set the Warhammer_x64_11.exe to run as admin.

Again no guarentees this works but some people have reported success.  Also all credit goes to Aprosule and the others on Discord for testing these settings.

this fixed it for me

7 years 128 days ago
Yep Same here.. Take about 10min then Locks up.
7 years 128 days ago
Same here, waiting for the patch
7 years 128 days ago
Thx for the update =) 
7 years 128 days ago
Already working on that, the next patch will probably solve this issue.
7 years 128 days ago
Same problem here, put on a second desktop and watch the memory usage through task manager, it seems it is a memory leak, more memory means longer playtime, i have 16GB of memory and can play between 30 to 45 mins..
7 years 128 days ago
I have the same issue. Cant get past 15 mins without the game locking up. I know its alpha but damn, I want to try and play this without any lock ups.
7 years 128 days ago
I have that all the time and could not finish ONE mission because of that.

I would like to see at least one end of a mission. Very disappointed, even when its and alpha version. How I am supposed to test when I can only play like 10 minutes in a row and then I have to restarted the whole mission.

And as it seems here on the forums I am not the only one with this problem