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Since yesterday it seams that the posting system has some problems.Others are already affected by this problem and I also with the last comment I had made.The first paragraph of each post simply disappears, which is quite annoying and strongly restricts communication.In addition, I noticed when the page on my smartphone that the community area was hardly optimized for mobile devices. The horizontal format is okay, but the high size of the page is not. Elements Overlap and zoom does not work either.The problem with the page is negligible, but with the posts is not.
Hope for an early solution. It seams only post without spacing are not deleted. In addition, I noticed that there is also "Neocore" for the general game selection in the forum, but if you create a poste, then this can not be selected. What would not have been bad for this post.

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Forum Community Bug
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7 years 86 days ago

Yeah they are aware of the issue and even on latest google chrome it happens as i updated and retried the bug so they are most likely on it as they are optimizing the website even for mobiles so that are in the work. But good that i wasn't alone noticing it :P

7 years 85 days ago

Post creation bug identified, hotfix coming soon fellow brothers & sisters, please be patient!

And ofc; thanks for your assistance!

7 years 83 days ago
Fixed, the hotfix is active from now, please try again guys!