Fluff marines and chaos thingies


First of all i want to thank the Devs for this amazing game!! I enjoyed it very much.
I only had one bug so far and, after submitting it, the bug was fixed within 24 hours, something i never have experienced before!

But i want to adress some fluff things regarding campaign.

Stop reading if you havent finished the campaign!!!!!

In some missions clearly heretical units are joined by normal Imperial Guard, even if the mission would indicate that there is no Chaos activity. I would enjoy it very much if you could either clarify it or switch their models of their equivalents. This would also help highlighting two "factions": Cults and Renegade Guard.

Why have i seen much more Chaos Sorcerors within the World Bearers and no Chaplains? If you look into their lore, Chaplains are kinda their thing.

The one time the Hellbrute kills the Sorcerer feels kinda strange. Was he send by someone, because Hellbrutes are usually totally mad creatures? Its not that obivous at this point.

Why does the Black Legion in this game utilise so many Assault Marines? Did i miss something storywise?

The Alpa Legion was done very well :P.

The inquisitorial recon team in uthers tomp consists of heretics? Thats kind of strange :D, Renegade Guard would have been more appropriate.

Something that buggs me a bit is that Ogryns are a much feared enemy while Marines are kind of easy to kill :/. Maybe ner the Ogryns and buff Marines.. 

I hope im not bothering you too much in such a stressfull time!

With best regards,

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Fluff marines and chaos thingies
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3 years 350 days ago

Now that you say it, the discrepancy between ogryns and marines... mhhh, yea, but how to fix it?
I mean, they do need a medium mob type on par with those marines...

3 years 350 days ago
It would also be great if there was a much greater range of enemies, alot of the models are reused all over. For example the hive scum could have consisted of "Necromunda like" gangs instead of just the same chaos cultists again.

I have way over 100 hours in this game (including beta) and seeing always the same enemies without any change in skills already bored me in diablo.