First play through


My first play through went pretty well. Found some cool new gear and after changing my inventory and starting my second missions that's were all the problems started. My melee weapon and a lot of my gear was missing so I exited the mission to reequip it but it was all gone. Equipped some different gear and started back and had same problem but tried to play anyway and got stuck against a wall and had to leave mission again. I again lost the equipment , so reequipped again and this time my equipment was there but the game play was not. I was floating instead of walking, holding my shield like it was a gun and some of my attacks showed no motions. I did enjoy the game play and the loot minus the bugs. It would be nice to be able to access my character during game play and  change inventory. 

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First play through
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4 years 315 days ago
4 years 316 days ago

And all of this happened in 0.1.6?