First Impressions


I thought, I would give some of my impressions about the game so far. I have played some missions as the crusader with a heavy weapon specialty and one mission as a sniper assassin.

Overall the game seems promising, even tough it does seem a bit slow at times. Namely the crusader, but it fit with the class, being a more heavily armored and armed than the assassin. The idea of the cover system is a bit curious in my opinion, but as long as it is not mandatory for survival, I am quite ok with it. The crusader gets to be a lot of fun when you get proper firepower and can mow down a groups of enemies without the so much as touching you. That is not to say certain enemies cant be troublesome.

Case and point, an annoying occurrence when fighting against apostles of Nurgle and standard bearers, their regeneration seems to kick into overdrive and keep them alive regardless of how much firepower I throw at them. Equipped with a grenade launcher for long range and a heavy flamer for short range engagements, neither of these seemed to do the trick, even tough one would imagine that having ones face roasted off would be ever so slightly deterring. 

On the latest patch I tried the assassin class and can`t say I had a good first hand experience. The problem I had with the sniper rifles was the lack of range, in a map where I had an open wide space(hive city or habitat, can`t recall the name), my assassin could not shoot an enemy that was clearly on the screen with no obstacles in between. I hope the range on those things is increased and for the laser variation, the heat generation lowered. 

Considering this is the alpha however, I remain hopeful about the game. Keep up the good work!

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First Impressions
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6 years 214 days ago
Thanks for the feedback man, very nice writeup! I will post this to our feedback section so we can improve the game based on this info.