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The few difficult parts are due to the sheer number of mobs, rather than difficult gameplay which would be preferable. Different enemies should require different tactics. Currently the enemies are all basically the same with the exception of one boss I've seen so far, the big dreadnought looking thing that has an AOE you have to dodge and the towers that give it a shield. Fights are too simple and are just about killing the other guys faster than they kill you. Progression is artificially restricted by fate. It's too hard to find inoculators with the right slots on them. The amount of damage the enemies do in some rooms makes inoculators that aren't focused on healing basically pointless.

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First Impressions
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7 years 46 days ago

The point is that when making several consecutive points in a row that aren't necessarily related or connected in any way, that bullet points are an easier way to present your case and come across as organised. It allows a reader to digest each point more quickly and move back and forth between them at their whim. It was a suggestion as to how to improve the effectiveness of your feedback my friend. Try and put a little less sarcasm on your breakfast please.

- I do appreciate it sounds like overkill for 1 paragraph but consider that suggestions are copied and pasted into a suggestion list for developers who may have hundreds of these to read. Having it organised allows them to process it quicker was more the point I was trying to make. Albiet poorly.

The suggestions themselves I largely agree with.

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7 years 47 days ago

Mission difficulty should also scale with the number of players. Tarot missions for example are too hard solo and too easy with two people.

7 years 47 days ago

I might suggest reformatting that into bullet points, its quite hard to digest. 

7 years 47 days ago

Agreed with easyness of game when inquisitor not an aclyte but experienced veteran, well equipped and trained, he act not as man but as a chariot of Juggernaut.

At this time, any type of inoculators is useless, i even do not open chests with grenades andinoculator refill

7 years 47 days ago
Airsick Hydra

If a normal sized paragraph is hard for you to digest formatting can't help you.