First id like to say to the devs this game has a huge potential to become a good warhammer 40k and hack and slay action rpg game. 

Playing the Crusder Class for 1,5 Hours was interesting enough to want playing more :). Here are my thoughts how to improve the game:

- Plz add the possibility to sprint, i know crusaders in heavy space marine armor are supposed to be slow in their movement, but the actual movement speed is breaking the gameflow for me. I would suggest to implement a sprint abillity for short distances which has a cooldown or an auto sprint when out of combat. 

- The combat could be a little faster, i liked the gameflow of thq's space marine very much (especially the finishing moves :) ), perhaps this could be an orientation for this game.

- The camera angle could be improved, i think it should be more like in Grim Dawn or POE.

- It would be nice if you could rotate the Character in the Character Screen (not necessary but nice to have)

- More intercation with the enviroment: like hidden treasures and rooms, tomes to read, short scripetd scenes. thise would improve the atmosphere.

- The abillity to stomp on the ground if using a heavy weapon for situations where you are surrounded. This stomp abillity could daze enemys near you for a short time.

- For future milestones it would be very nice to get a certain mission type which contains a rogue-like dungeon (like in grim dawn) where u only have 1 life for the mission but if you suvive you get a nice reward.

- I hope crafting will be implemented.

@devs keep up the good work!

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