First Impression and List of bugs.


So far this is very promising and even as an alpha the idea of leveling up and outfitting myself with a load of different weapons to experiment is very fun and could keep me entertained for many more hours.


There are a tonne of bugs ( of course there is ) that ruin it.

1. I have a uncommon shotgun equipped for my assault class and when I go to swap it out it will keep the shotgun in the slot and change what ever weapon I wanted to equip into that very same shotgun.

2. I no longer receive drops or money /exp from missions UNLESS my game crashes after I leave the mission after completion which means about 4 missions in a row I have come from my missions fruitless and frustrated.

3. Multi meltas are dreadfully , hilariously under powered against dreadnoughts and I found myself having to use my inferno pistol and chainsword in a mission that threw 3 of the buggers at me in total as well as a tonne of Nurgle marines but thankfully the chain sword and 65 regen a second means I managed to crawl out semi crippled instead of dead.

4. If you dual weild a melee weapon and a ranged weapon the melee weapon will float outside the fist and have no combat animation , not game breaking but annoying as hell.

5. The Heavy flamer is bloody amazing and although not a bug compared to how terrible most other weapons are I have found myself using nothing but that and a melee weapon for dreadnoughts , I am not asking you to nerf the flamer I am simply pointing out that other weapons feel woefully under powered compared to it and I think the flamer is spot on.

6.The shop ! , oh god the shop keeper annoys me for some reason I can no longer purchase any items as they fail to load and in the chance the warp is kind to me what ever I do sell comes back to me after a mission and the money I made from the sales has gone away and any items I bought and equipped will be unequipped and my previous load out will be restored.

Do not take these criticisms of mine as being made out of anger and fury , I understand fully as someone who has dabbled in coding ,3d modeling and game creation that these thing are to be expected and I fully understand what participating in a Alpha entails. I can only hope that this is of use to you. 

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First Impression and List of bugs.
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7 years 122 days ago

I would like to echo the words of my fellow Inquisitor above.

You have a good thing going here that even in pre-alpha is a lot of fun to try out and experiment with. 

Sadly, I have similar inventory and vendor related trouble. My vendor's inventory is empty after a few missions.

Also, I apparently permanently messed up my character's inventory somehow:

  • I looted a green chainsword during play and kept it in my inventory when the game crashed after completion.
  • I equipped said chainsword, went to the vendor who was still functional back then, and bought a suppression shield to go along with it.
  • I spent my two ability points on Astartes close combat.
  • Upon starting the next mission, the chainsword was gone from my inventory, leaving my character with a shield and not very useful bare fist.  
  • I surrendered the mission, went back to HQ and re-equipped my old autogun.
  • I sold the shield back to the vendor.
  • Started the next mission.
  • My autogun was now gone and my character was wielding shield and bare fist again.
  • The shield I had sold was back in my inventory too.
  • My second weapon set, a plasma gun, remained unchanged and functional all the time.

All in all, expected bugs and alpha state aside, I'm quite pleasantly surprised. Hope you can implement all you're planning for!

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7 years 122 days ago

Sorry for double posting since I apparently can't edit my post anymore:

It would be very nice to be able to access your inventory during a mission and not just on your base.

Also, key bindings for turning the camera would be great, I'm not a fan of pressing the mouse wheel. Maybe A and D?

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7 years 122 days ago
The expected animation issues, that you are working on.

Crashes after missions expected too, but understanably annoying. That said the general stability is far and above better than it was yesterday.

7 years 122 days ago
Thank you for choosing my post to comment on , I hope with others help we can make a useful train of bugs and thoughts :)
7 years 122 days ago
It was a very well composed and detailed post, seemed the right place.

I feel i should be clear the last "crash" post mission completion was more a hang, it just sat there for 5 minutes doing swirly circle round the skull pointer.

7 years 122 days ago
  •  game crashes sometimes when you change option settings in a mission
  •  graphic card is not immediatly recognised by the game 
  •  performance is better now but it get somekind laggy after a while, if you change option settings it will run smoothly again for  some time
  •  after every mission it resets my graphic-settings to low

(just listed new one)

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7 years 122 days ago
Thank you for your feedback guys! Keep up the good work!
7 years 122 days ago
Minor interface bug - seems like the "X" button for quitting the interface screen doesn't work from SKILLS tab. Every other tab is ok.