first feed back after 20 hours in


The UI/HUD feels very clunky and the hud objects are in really strange places (Compared to what im used to) I know this is alpha and nothing is final but would you fine individuals on the dev team consider making the UI customizable? Perhaps a couple of prefab lay outs so there are some options or making the health/action display and map player movable? 

also, can we have a way to compare equipped items to vendor items. as it is now we have to look at the items for sale, close the store, open the character menu, compare, then close, then reopen the vendor. It not game breaking or anything, just an irritating matter of convenience. 

thirdly, innochulators. the system you have in place is good, i like where you're going with it, but can they have some unique stats for the higher end ones that are passive instead of being lumped into the use of it.

fourth: gear levels, after this patch it seems nigh impossible to reach gear level 2 (at least for me)  my defense level is stuck at 65/66 with no sign of that last point for the rollover on the horizon and i would imagine after equipping the last three purples i need the attack stat will be in the same boat. 

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first feed back after 20 hours in
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7 years 73 days ago
1 - Hud improvements always nice, some elements I think can be made clearer for sure.

2 - Comparing equipment ahs been asked for almost daily :) they are doing it

3 - Personally I don't think something that has limited uses should have passives, mostly for the reason of balancing, unless those passives apply to the items uses, eg increases other effects by 20% - but hey that's just my view - They did mention the variety will get larger though as we progress.

4 - Power 2 is possible with full purple :) (so I hear) - But I don't see the rush to get there as then the content just gets too easy again, enjoy the challenge instead :D

Imperial hugs - Hydra

7 years 73 days ago
Thank you for your feedback! Added to our notes.