Any Progress in Pending Reward Fix ?


I got this Pending Reward Message since the first week of the Game release. And you get every time a game crash when you press the reward button.

Temporary Influence Bug lvl 5 fix doesnt help, All Charakter deleted doesnt help

I only played 1 week from 4 and nobody can fix this ? i really getting mad now cause i bought this game to test it and this bug does not let me play over 3 weeks now. 

So when is the time to fix it ?

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Any Progress in Pending Reward Fix ?
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7 years 64 days ago
Somehow I was lucky, and after several re-connects I could claim the "damn" reward in the top left corner ....
7 years 64 days ago
Sadly the next victim here :( ...
7 years 73 days ago
Yes, we know about this issue. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next patch.
7 years 73 days ago

I can create a new char but i still got the reward :/ so i think its a account reward

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7 years 73 days ago
Yea I have been getting the same thing. I have not tried deleting my characters though, is that a fix? I only have the reward on my "main"