Find the traitor Flavius Draken PS4 bug


I completed the mission where your requisition the baneblade tank to find flavius dranken and now the game wont load any additional missions. My game crashed at the end of the mission and when I restarted the game it still let me claim the mission rewards. However, there was not any dialogue after the mission about the continuation of the story. It is not loading the next mission and I dont have any of the "purple" main story mission options to choose from. I have tired talking to all of the NPCs with no luck. This bug has stalled out my campaign entirely. 

Is my only option to restart the campaign? I have sunk quite a few hours into the game so far and would hate to have to restart now.

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Find the traitor Flavius Draken PS4 bug
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5 years 272 days ago
I am currently having the same issue.  Any updates on when this will be fixed?
5 years 323 days ago
I have the same problem. PSN blejdAS  character blejdi
5 years 324 days ago

Thanks for the post, can I get a PSN / Gamertag and a Character name? We'll run a script that fixes this globally but it'd be good to know anyways.