Few obervations from first play


Hey all, played inquisitor martyr today finally, and its a pretty solid game already, despite it being early access. Lots of fun, I found myself actually challenged, using cover with my crusader melee guy, rationing heals and special abilities etc. it was a refreshing change from most ARPG where you spam abilities constantly and never die unless you literally let yourself.

One question I have though, is are the graphics currently as good as its going to get? I have a pretty decent rig, with i5 6600K proc, 8 gig ram, GTX 980ti and 250 GB SSD. the graphics certainly arnt bad by any stretch, but will there be some upgrades in the future for some of us with higher capability rigs?

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Few obervations from first play
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6 years 252 days ago

Thanks a lot for getting back to me about this. As I said, the game is already Good, and graphics arnt bad by any means. But I'm excited at the idea of having some higher settings. Thanks again!

6 years 252 days ago
We are constantly working on improving the looks as well, so hopefully yes :)