feedback on player experience relating to playing inquisitorial maps


As promised within my last video I threw out the view that the new "random" tile sets were a nice feature however perhaps a little bit too larger step away from what makes a typical ARPG enjoyable. The main points of focus were discussing open vs corridor map design, having interactive elements within a map such as quests and objects and moments when players will find new things in a state of constant exploration, ie new quests, new areas, new enemy types, most of this all seems to be missing (at present).

Thanks to many of you for adding your own thoughts and as promised, below is a summary of the feedback.

Tiggy - Just bought VH1 courtesy of the steam sale. It's a decent game and I am now getting the sequels. I fully agree with your sentiments and although it's still a bit early to judge the final product, they will have to introduce something to make the current mission types more exiting.Here are a few examples of things that might spice things up:

1. Let the investigation actions affect the mission gameplay more directly. I find that the text in the investigation is not connected to the actual gameplay. I know it's probably difficult to implement but It could be cool to do the interrogation, recruitment or spying myself :)
2. while playing VH1 it struck me that I really enjoy loot drops and RNG. maybe a bit of that might be nice if it could fit in the lore.
3. make rogue like missions where the random generation continues until the player dies or gives up. could provide good loot hunting and RNG.
4. Give us longer investigations in lieu of an actual story. Especially if the investigations become more "hands on" as mentioned in 1. Having said all this I really respect their attempt to redefine the genre. And I am very interested to see how it turns out.

Lordy - Personally I think they would be missing out on a large part of the arpg experience if there weren't random npc encounters/side quests. It's one of the things Diablo 3 got right that added to the limited replayability of the campaign. Going onto the same map for the 8th time only to find a new, unexplored dungeon was always refreshing. While I admire the galaxy map idea that Neocore is following through with I think it will feel slightly underwhelming when directly compared to other games in the genre. I'm also slightly worried at how geometric all the maps are looking. Random tilesets are great but if it's oversimplistic the randomness will be moot. I would choose to rerun a complicated map a hundred times over a randomly generated, angular tileset. Also, great job on the channel :D - AirsickHydra This is my worry. While replayability is definitely important I think the most important aspect of an arpg is the campaign on that initial playthrough to get the player involved in the world. While, from the look of it, this isn't going to have the classic style of campaign with a fixed story, I really really hope they have some way of getting players hooked into the world and invested in the fate of the universe. My fear from the start was that Neocore would rely too heavily on the fact that most players would already have a lot of knowledge of the 40k universe and would therefore be able to skip some of the world building that requires dialogue and exposition. While Diablo 3 had a campaign that was a bit too 'by the numbers' it was still rich and that first playthrough was an experience. And they definitely need to make that space station tile set look less like it's made out of necromunda tiles.

Horusy - If they developed the world based map system it could be used as a backdrop for future addons or crossovers if they expand beyond inquisitors

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feedback on player experience relating to playing inquisitorial maps
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