Crafting queue bug


So I was ingame, just trying to figure out how the crafting works and I finally managed it.

I was putting my crafting resources into the matching boxes and trying to craft my sniper rifle. I couldn't tell if the crafting was working or not, as my crafting materials were being used whenever I pressed craft, but my money wasn't being deducted. 

Eventually, (edit) 3 more crafts later, I realized where the queue was to show Screenshots of bug. I only thought to write this up when someone ingame said this is a bit unusual and someone else also mentioned crafting having recently been patched/fixed. My crafting queue does not tell me what items are being crafted, it doesn't have the correct item icons, and I also can't cancel these items in the queue from being made.

I've tried relogging to character selection and entirely exiting the game and relaunching it and neither work, so I'm not sure the fix of this. 

Edit: Logged on this morning, and I still have 4 items in my queue, so nothing has crafted. The icons are still bugged and my money is still gone, so it looks like I'm stuck forever not being able to craft? 

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Crafting queue bug
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6 years 236 days ago

same issue but just the crafting staying in queue without the cost 

6 years 243 days ago

Hey, account name is the same as my name here, Lauriia :) Thanks 

6 years 243 days ago
Can I get an account name (ingame acc) so we can look into this? Thanks a lot for the detailed report!
6 years 244 days ago

+1 Same issue for me now. I just wanted to update a little with this: 

First slot bugged

As of now, the items in the queue to be crafted are fine and working. The icons are correct, and putting the cursor over them tells me what each item is. The first item in the queue/currently crafting bit is bugged however. It says nothing is there, it cannot be cancelled but at the same time it's blocking the progress of my other items actually crafting.

So still unable to craft right now, seems to be a specific bug with the first item crafted/first queue position. 

6 years 244 days ago

Have similar issue. When I craft items they go into the queue, but never into the "to be crafted slot," money is not deducted, and timer doesn't start. 

6 years 245 days ago

Anyone else out there with similar? Still got 4 unknown items stuck in my queue which I can't remove or interact with and can't craft anything. :(