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So I'm still pretty new to the game, I got it on the steam bundle not long ago, this addresses the current state of the game only.

I've been enjoying it so far, it does have a lot of feel of Van Helsing, which was enjoyable, but I definitely prefer this, the writing is better, pacing and systems are better, voice acting is almost always better.

I feel the gameplay is a bit laggy, not even necessarily on optimized graphics and coop (and I have a pretty beast machine), just in general the inputs are slow as balls, I'm not sure if it's the engine or the amount of calculations or what, but the game doesn't play "smooth" and that's my only major gripe, but it's overall really fun and I'm glad i waited till the reviews improved significantly.    In all honesty if this had a smoother play experience (ie, I move where I point, camera follows me, the game sometimes just doesn't recognize my inputs and I have to click the same thing 5x before it happens, chests not opening, can't path easily on vertical inclines, etc) I'd consider it a strong contender for AAA MMOs.  This though, is the only thing keeping me from giving it a "must play" and instead giving it a "it's really good, but" when I talk about it with others.  I honestly can't even imagine how this played before when the animations were slower, I would have been tearing my hair out.

For minor nit pick things:

The loot needs to either be A) set to a vacuum (preferred) or B) increase the radius of hitbox to pickup.  Right now picking up loot for cash feels like a massive chore in an otherwise fun game.  Removing chores and replacing with gameplay needs to be the goal always imho with games, and it's kinda why the majors in the industry are in a massive downslide atm even though everyone has lots of extra time on their hands to play games atm.

I do recall one major faux pas in the martyr ark where a dude refers to Uther as "other" and it's really immersion breaking, enough to stick with me, literally everyone else can pronounce his name correctly but this guy, and it's not like Uther is an unknown (it was the guy with the gold robe in the council).  Obviously it's just a miscommunication with the voice actor, but how did it end up in the game anyway? If you have intentions to continue to support this and grow it over time, I'd strongly advise getting that line rerecorded.

Regarding tone, when you get NPC guardsman, I'd recommend A) more lines for varied dialog, and B) less frequent use.  Right now it's super repetitive that they say the same 5 or so lines every 5 seconds of play, sometimes overlapping, it's just noise pollution right now and I think that could be improved with minimal efforts.  I'm glad they are enthusiastic and all, but at a certain point they need to stop.

I'm not a lore expert on WH40K but I am pretty familiar with the lore and the writers did a bang up job capturing the tone of the imperium IMHO, though I'd be curious to know if the events of this are considered cannon?  

The main thing I'm missing and I'm kinda dreading and less optimistic about, is that somehow there are not Orks as a major combat-able faction.  I'm still missing nekrons and Tau, but I feel like is it really WH40K without Orks?  I mean it is, it's definitely WH40k, but their absence is really really noticeable and sad making.  I was wondering if a future DLC might include this and I'm not seeing any listings for future DLC and I'm also seeing that the recent bundle I bought was the "complete collection" which makes me wonder if more DLC is to come?  I certainly hope so.  

At this point I'm happy enough where I'd preorder at full price it because I enjoy how you guys can manage to make a story in a game, as well as have engaging systems that aren't the abundance of overly stupid grind that is so common these days since the campaigns don't require you to be ultra optimized and back, just if you wanna you can go that route and then grind your face off for the ultra gear, which is largely a choice, and I approve of that approach.  You guys struck a nice balance (with my experience so far, I'm at about 61 atm) between grind, challenge and reward and I'm appreciating that.

In any case, here's hoping for more content even though I'm not even done with what's there, but I sure do hope to see more.  I'd love to see the game grow even more to incorporate entirely new options/arks like playable space marines characters and other stuch stuff.

I hope the feedback is helpful and thanks for putting this game out.


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Feedback on Martyr
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